Friday, March 28, 2008

Which language for me?

I had a discussion at lunch with a colleague of mine who was saying Erlang was the new language to learn. Strange how the conversation turned into research for me. After lunch I had a quick peruse of and came across this article on the front page, "Learn as Many Languages as You Can (or just learn Scala)".

Interesting to find out about what languages you should learn; corollary to that, what languages testers should learn. We're in an effort to do more Java development, on a scale that we've never seen before. From a testers perspective, what language would you need to learn? Ruby with Watir? Python? I think its actually a lot more than that. I think its about making sure you testing between the cracks. Think of the tests first before you start learning to code in a new language. If you can think of the tests, your language of choice because a natural result of the test.

Its back to the hammer and what's it for... its like you learned how to use a hammer and really needed a saw. Same thing with testing and languages. Again, critical thinking is required to do a lot of things. Being multidisciplinary too is an asset since testing involves so much more than coding. I'll write about that later.