Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld has a trick

I read in some magazine a number of years ago about Jerry Seinfeld and one of the reasons he was successful. When he started his career, he had a hard time finding new material. Sometimes it came to him, but often he would have a writing block. Then he tried a technique where he uses a calender to track that he writes one new joke every day.

So, here are some new things I'm practising everyday:
  1. Trying to write this blog everyday. I have made sure I have enough material to cover me for a while, its just that sometimes I need to edit, which takes me the most time.
  2. Going for a walk every day, even if its for 20 minutes. Sometimes I bike to work, but I try to get some blood flowing each day.
  3. Not eating snacks after dinner. Basically making sure I'm hungry before I go bed. I have a huge problem with snacking, so I decided to not cut it out, but make a conscience effort to remove it from the evening.
Anyway, so far, I have been able to keep this blog floating for the time being. As for the walking, some days are better than others. Same goes for the snacking.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that practise makes perfect (or at least consistant)...Same goes with software development. Any of our efforts require you to take the time to learn and practice the art. So, resolve to do something every day to improve what you do at your job.