Thursday, April 03, 2008

Testable Passwords

Have you ever noticed when your password was rejected because it wasn't strong enough? I have found over the years that many password schemes (including most online banking) doesn't require strong passwords. Is your password strong enough?

I found a great online utility for such a check called Password Meter that verifies the strength of any given password you provide.

I tried looking under the hood to see what this client side application was doing. Basically its a quick AJAX application that does all the math on fly. Pretty neat and if you're looking for some really obfuscated code, take a look at this one (although it was easy to push it through a pretty-print/beautifier utility)

For your information, @Pa55w0Rd# is a 100%.

This is just another little tool that if you're testing your systems out, good to have a quick peak to see if your application can handle the password scrutiny.