Sunday, April 27, 2008

A context-driven online course...

BBST Foundations Course - For all you Black Box testers out there, there's some courses available that might of interest to you. From the website:
"The Association for Software Testing is offering a series of free online courses in software testing to its members."
I would take the course, but I'm away during that first sessions. I suggest you take the opportunity to take this free course. Considering its in the lines of what Michael Bolton says about certification (and why it is a biased system of making people pay money to organizations who actually never watch you "drive the car"), this one might actually give you some suggestions and help towards being a better tester. My guess is that it will given the people who are developing/delivering the material are the experts in this field.

Since I can't take the course, I would suggest you sign up for AST (its only $50), and get yourself educated! Best deal in town!

UPDATE: I think I may have found the course-ware online (see video's), but you'll need to view it from home. I think in order to take the course, it would be like taking a driving exam... someone will watch you drive the car.