Friday, April 25, 2008

I like free stuff...

Information is great, but when someone takes the time to put it into nice digestible chunks, I love that even more. However, when someone gives that away for nothing, well, that puts me over the top. So, I'm sharing with you what I just found...

Five more free magazines for you today:

  1. One of the better magazines, even if they don't have a lot of issues out yet, is from the Association of Software Testers called Sapient testing. I like it because the articles speak directly to the context-driven tester community.
  2. A testing magazine out of the UK, lots of good information here and regularly updated, more Agile and certification focus
  3. Although more infrequent, the Toronto Association of Systems and Software Quality publish a nice little newsletter that has some really good information about testing from some of the major experts.
  4. Software testing in general, good ideas for new people and experts in the field. Good advice as well
  5. Scott Barber and regular articles about performance

That's all.